Powder coating is an increasingly popular process of surface finishing. Not only does it last longer than regular wet paint but its visual aesthetic is a finish that more and more companies are looking for their products to have.

There are practical applications; however, the obvious aesthetic ones are ones which attracts customers more often. The powders used in coating a part, consisting of thousands and thousands of colorful thermoset polymer particles, do not strictly have to be one single color; with powder coating multiple layers of different colors are possible, creating effects that would truly be impossible with liquid paint. With powder coating, multiple colors can be applied before curing them, colors which can be blended, the result being parts with impressive effects. Please contact us for any special projects you have in mind, and we will work with you to ensure you leave satisfied with your finished parts.

The Powder Coating Process

The powder used in powder coating goes into an electrostatic gun, and when inside the electric charge of the powder becomes positive. Then, when sprayed into a metal, there is an attraction between the powder and the metal, producing a strong bond. The last step is the curation process, in which the part being coated goes into an oven. Throughout this process, the powder creates a film, which is not only durable but strong. This finish is often compared to liquid paint, as it is uniform and completely covers all the part efficiently.

Powder coating is used everywhere: from everyday home appliances to fences, bicycles, car bodies. Basically, anything that is metal that requires a painted finish. A benefit to powder coating is that it is a thermoset polymer does not require a solvent like liquid paint does, meaning that the powder will not run or even sag, preventing the appearance commonly seen when the liquid paint dries unevenly and whose painted films are often uneven.



The first step is to get the parts prepared. Metals that are scheduled to be coated must be cleaned and impurities must be removed, such as oil, dirt, or extruding welding scales. The parts are sandblasted, which consists of using abrasive particles to clean and deburr the parts, to prepare them for our high-performance coatings. We sandblast the part in order to ensure a high-quality powder coat film. If you only need your part sandblasting, then also feel free to contact us, we will work with you!